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Advisory Services
  • Planning - to study and analyse existing positions and devise strategies to minimise incidence of costs and taxes and maximise revenues and benefits; preparation of business plans and project reports;
  • Management - to devise strategies and processes to properly comply with various laws and schemes
  • Opinions - Written opinions on laws, Arbitration
Direct Taxes
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns,
  • Representation for assessments and other proceedings in the tax department
  • Representation in appeals before Commissioner (Appeals) and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT)
  • Obtaining Income Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Obtaining Certificate for lower deduction of tax
  • Application for obtaining PAN/TAN Numbers
Joint Ventures
  • Creation and facilitating a Joint Venture between 2 or more companies is a very Niche Area of Services being currently offered
  • Statutory Audits of public companies, private companies and small/medium firms
  • System Audits - to study, analyse systems, and help design new systems and processes for better management and smoother flow of information and documents
  • Internal Audits
  • Concurrent Audits
  • Advising on
        1) short term and long term finance
        2) owned and debt finance
        3) fixed and variable finance
  • Determination of cost and viability of project
  • Preparation of Business Plan
FEMA & International Tax
  • Seeking Approvals and Permissions
  • Structuring and determining status of persons, nature and location of assets and nature of income.
  • Certifying remittances
  • Cross Border Investments, Branches and Business
  • Transfer Pricing


Company Formation
  • Defining nature of interest of company
  • Determining nature of liability
  • Finding availability of name
  • Making application to RoC
  • Drafting of MoA & AoA.
  • Getting relevant forms filled up and signed
  • Filing of documents with RoC
  • Additional steps for public company
  • Process with/at RoC.
Company Secretarial
  • Preparing Minutes of Board Meetings and General Meetings, maintaining statutory registers.
  • Preparing various Forms/Returns/Accounts/Applications under the Companies Act and filing with RoC and obtaining necessary approval/certificates.
  • Filing and registration of charge, modification of charge and satisfaction of charge with RoC.
  • Handling matters requiring approval/Confirmation of Central Government/Company Law Board/High Court (National Company Law Tribunal)
  • Advising on Company Law/Corporate Law matters
  • Company Law Compliance Audit
  • Formation and registration of Charitable Trusts
  • Approval u/s 35AC
  • Preparing and filing of change report with Charity Commissioner
  • Obtaining/ renewal of certificate u/s 80G
  • Preparation and registration with RoF of
       1) Partnership Deed
       2) Deed for change in constitution
       3) Deed of dissolution of Firm
       4) Deed of change in address
Service Tax
  • Obtaining registration with service tax cell, Central Excise Department.
  • Preparing and filing Service Tax Returns, attending Assessment Proceedings and handling other related matters with the department.
  • Advising on Service Tax matters
Sales Tax & Professional Tax
  • Obtaining registration under BST, CST, WCST, LST
  • Enrollment/Registration under PT and authorisation etc
  • Obtaining Form C, F, H etc from the Sales Tax Department
  • Import-Export Code Number
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Drafting and Documentation
Sectors of Clients
Sectors of Clients
  • Our major clients include various Companies and Individuals involved in business such as pharma, construction, finance, exports, web-technology and various services including call centers, agencies, retail and distribution at Mumbai, Pune and now at Goa.
Anand Mehta & Associates Chartered Accountants LLP., Mulratna, 1st Floor, 334, Narshi Natha Street, Masjid (West), Mumbai - 400009, India. Ph. 022 23400882 / 022 42133124
E-mail: amcon.mumbai@amcount.com

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